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Professor Dr. Ralf-Thomas Michel, leading plastic surgeon, uses Argan oil daily in his clinic, he praises for reducing scaring after plastic surgery and also recommends it to his patients for preventing cellulite, stretch marks and wrinkles. In an eight week pilot study, Professor Michel showed that Argan oil helped to improve a variety of skin problems,"This oil has a moisturizing effect, stimulates blood circulation and improves the skin's firmness in face, neck, decollete, breast and bottom”.

Professor Dr. Ralf-Thomas Michel, leading plastic surgeon

“This oil, derived from the nuts of argan trees in Morocco and naturally high in vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, has become a star ingredient in products meant to moisturize and control curly hair. Now it’s appearing in luxury skin-care products, too”.

Hilary Howard, Beauty Spots author, New York Times

“Argan oil has become a go-to ingredient for backstage hairstylists at fashion shows who want to tame frizz and bring out shine”

Catherine Saint Louis, Beauty Spots author, New York Times

“Argan oil, which has incredible moisturising and skin nourishing qualities, has been used topically by north African women for centuries to counteract the effects of the desert sun and wind on skin and hair. Now, thanks to its healing and anti-ageing effect, it is attracting the attention of western consumers, particularly those who prefer their beauty ingredients to be sourced directly from nature”.

Looking Good, Feeling Good Beauty

“Not only is Argan oil a skincare essential, it is ethical too”.

Karen Wheeler, Former beauty editor for the Mail

“What’s the best thing about argan oil? It’s high in essential fatty acids and vitamin E and doctors have come in and seen that it heals like nothing they’ve ever seen before. Patients are using it to heal radiation dermatitis. It’s moisturizing, anti-aging, but it’s also a magical healer”.

Beauty spot; Argan oil may just solve all your problems 2011, Canada, Don Mills, Ont

“Argan (oil) doesn’t sit on top of your hair and make it look healthy – it seeps in and treats hair at the same time,” said Steven Turpin, a product specialist for the line. He says the almost weightless oil helps to hydrate hair in a variety of conditions, whether it’s in the desert-like heat, the dry winter air, or a as a result of heat styling tools.

Wexler, S. 2011, Argan oil new weapon in care, Canada, Montreal, Que